It’s important to know what you’re buying and if it is of quality or not. That’s why here at Tropics Best, our virgin coconut oil is organic certified. You can rest assured that you will receive quality virgin coconut oil that will satisfy all your coconut oil needs. If you have any questions regarding our organic certified virgin coconut oil fill out our contact form.


There are new changes regarding the Kosher Certification of our TROPICS BEST products. The above link provides Information regarding the changes.

KMD Kosher Certification

The link below provides information regarding the product’s organic certification and agricultural rules that apply to it.


This information includes the organic standards Tropics Best products are held to in addition to the process control and the products management.

Certificate of Conformity of Organic Products

Tropics Best Allergen Free statement includes a list of allergens which are not contained in any presentation of our products.


Allergen Free Statement

The product manufactured through Tropic’s Best standards for Organic Certification do NOT support the use of genetically modified organisms.

GMO Free Statement