Organic Virgin Coconut Oil!

Our Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made of only the finest quality coconuts resulting in a pure and delicately beautiful product.

Finest organic coconut products produced by CocoColima.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver the purest Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil using our unique Wet Milled and Centrifuge Extraction method. Our products have one ingredient, Coconut.

Save a Lot in Bulk

The 1 Gallon Pail is perfect for families / small businesses who consume copious amount of Coconut Oil! The 1 Gallon Pail is easy to open and a great way to save money on a fantastic product.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Utilizing the healthiest option in your cooking and lifestyle choices is easy with Tropics Best 16 or 32 oz Coconut Oil. These sizes are perfect for those who use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to its maximum potential!

Organic Desiccated Coconut

With a moisture content of less than 3%, this product has a tremendous fiber content accompanied with protein and good fats! The nutritional benefits of Coconuts go beyond what most people can imagine! A fantastic addition to your morning shakes, salads, RAW desserts, and so on…Gluten Free. Certified Organic. Non GMO.

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Tropics Best Coconut Products are grown, packaged, and distributed directly from their family coconut plantations / facilities in Colima, Mexico. Providing the Highest Quality and Freshest Organic Coconut Products right here in North America!

* All Tropics Best Coconut Products are Primate Labor free.