The Making of Tropics Best Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Tropic’s Best provides the best in Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. To produce the highest quality committed to organic standards Tropic’s Best follows strict guidelines in order to distribute our Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil world wide. In order to provide the best in quality, we implement standards From the moment the coconuts are harvested, through the process in which our product are made and then distributed. The following is a step-by-step of the process in which our products are made.

1. Harvesting

Tropics Best's virgin organic coconut oil comes from coconuts harvested at nine to 11 months. The coconuts are cut from trees using poles which are 12-15 m tall.

2. Processing

Coconuts are hauled to a central husking area and then taken into the processing facility where they are shelled and paired to obtain the white organic coconut meat.

3. Rinsing the Coconut Meat

The white organic coconut meat is rinsed and selected to assure that only the proper meat will be used in the process and that no other materials will cause cross-contamination.

4. Production of Coconut Milk

The first process in the virgin organic coconut oil production is the production of coconut milk. This process consists of grinding and pressing of coconut meat. The yielding milk is rich in fat that represents up to 40% content by weight.

5. Separation of Coconut Oil

To separate the organic coconut oil from the water and solids, the organic coconut milk is left to settle to a point before fermentation.

6. Centrifuge Process

At this point the milk is put thru a centrifuge three times until the moister level is under 0.15%.

7. Setting

The organic coconut oil is put in settling tanks for a minimum of 48 hrs.

8. Filtered

Finally the organic coconut oil is filtered and filled in its final package for sale. All batches must be analyzed for microbiological and physical-chemical control.