Coco Colima

Coco Colima is a well established family managed business, as well as a remarkable premium coconut plantation. Three generations ago, Coco Colima initially started by cultivating and producing high quality coconut oil.  Over the years, the variety of commercial coconut products has expanded substantially, and continues to grow.  The level of dedication to serve the community with first rate coconut products is our primary goal at heart.Coconut-Oil

The plantations from which we harvest our coconuts is based out of an agriculturally ideal location in Colima, Mexico.  The Coco Colima manufacturing facility takes pride in the methods we implement, from the moment we harvest the coconuts to the final stage of when you receive our products in your hands. The privilege we have to fully manage the quality of our coconut produced products is due to the optimal combination of agriculture, consolidated processing, and distribution.  Along with having the ability to control the way our products are made, Coco Colima’s manufacturing facility is certified by Bioagricert SRL.

Coco Colima not only has the desire of providing premium coconut goods, but we also hope to enlighten individuals on the countless health benefits that coconut products can produce.