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USDA Certified Organic Coconut Products

All of Tropics Best coconut products, from our virgin coconut oil and coconut butter to our delectable coconut flakes, are Certified Organic! Tropics Best doesn't stop there, we believe in a minimalistic, pure product. Therefore, all of our coconut products are Virgin and Unrefined, and they consist of only one ingredient - Coconut! Tropics Best does not use any chemical methods, fermenting, or bleaching during the coconut processing. You can read about how we make our virgin organic coconut oil via a Centrifuge Process on our Making Coconut Oil page. ENJOY!


Straight From Nature To You

All of our organic coconut products are virgin. Meaning, they are from the first press, thus retaining the highest amount of vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids. Every one of our products, from our organic coconut oil to the Tropics Best coconut butter is one simple ingredient - coconut! Learn more about the many health benefits of organic virgin coconut oil by following the Tropics Best blog! The health, skin, and heart benefits are endless.

USDA Organic Coconut Oil from Tropics Best

Tropics Best Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% Certified Organic

Thank you for visiting the Tropics Best website. In addition to being Mexico's largest producer of 100% organic coconut oil, Tropics Best is also the largest distributor of 100% organic coconut oil from Mexico to the United States. Tropics Best offers outstanding organic coconut products, including our quality organic coconut oil and dried coconut!


At Tropics Best we provide certified organic coconut oil grown and processed at our very own coconut plantations to ensure the highest quality organic virgin coconut oil and dried coconut. Tropics Best certified organic virgin coconut oil is a tropical oil like palm, palm kernel, cocoa and shea nut oils. Satisfied customers all over the world use our certified organic virgin coconut oil in traditional health and beauty settings. This includes both personal use at home and professional use through some of the finest establishments. Additionally, certified organic coconut oil is becoming more and more popular in the cooking world.


Certified organic coconut oil has also been used as a skin moisturizer, and lessens protein loss when used in hair. It has also been an important base ingredient for making and producing some of the finest soaps.


Tropics Best certified virgin coconut oil is made from the white organic coconut meat. There are no chemicals used in the refinement of our certified organic coconut oil.


Our quality certified organic coconut oil and dried coconut are always fresh and delectable when they arrives. Be delighted with all the health benefits of our certified organic, centrifuged-processed, virgin coconut oil.


Did you know: Coconut oil is nature's greatest source of medium chain fatty acids and is the healthiest oil on earth!


Learn about the amazing benefits of Organic Coconut Oil!

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